An exhaustive list of Swirlies recordings

November 2020 update      



A number (e.g., 19.) denotes a release containing at least one new Swirlies song or noise.   


An asterisk (*) denotes a release containing a previously released Swirlies song or noise, or a release that does not fit into the number system (see below).        


Many numeration anomalies exist, for example:       


            The "Error" 7" mistakenly credits itself as Swirlies #2, when it is really #3. "Pitchblende #3 should have theoretically received a Swirlies number, I just didn't know they actually used the track until it was too late (who in their right mind would have?). There exists no indication on the CD that we are responsible for the track.  


            “I Don’t Wanna Be a Clone: Best of Swirlies in the Studio 99-01” contains nascent versions of songs form “Cats.” It was never sold and only a few copies were made.


            The Raspberry Bang 7 inch is not technically a Swirlies release, but it was the first record for both Seana and Damon, so it has been included in the list.


            Et cetera…     


Most of the releases and their numbers bear a chronological relationship. There are some exceptions. For instance, the Pitchblende CD came out before "Salons", but "Salons" took so long to come out after it was completed that these two are negligible as far as order goes. The Richmond County Archives numbering also does not strictly correspond to date of release.


Listings generally follow the following format:


#            “Title”





              Notes on the release




*          “A Kinder Gentler Genocide”


            Summer 1990

            Wasted Effort Records


            Four-band compilation featuring Raspberry Bang (pre-Swirlies Damon & Seana) playing the Rusty Nails song “Loose Pockets.” Recorded at WMBR, probably to VHS Hi-Fi. Also features the bands Eggs, Cabal, and the Creeps.


            The initial run was probably 500, but I threw away two large boxes of the 7 inches around 1991 (they were left in an attic and warped). There are probably 200-300 that survived.


*          “Swirlies”





            Includes our first four demo recordings: “Didn’t Understand,” “Trudi,” “Crush (original mix),” and “Chris R.” Monophonic PZM recordings with 4-track overdubs. The sound quality is abysmal, as we could not play or sing and had no idea how to use a 4-track.


            Unknown number of home dubbed copies, used as a demo for booking shows.


1.         “Swirlies/Drop Dead”

            Cassette (split with Drop Dead)


            Fast Forward Records


            25 to 30 home dubbed copies.

            Free giveaway for a show at Fast Forward Records, Providence, RI in May 1991.


            Features all four tracks from our 12/90 demo tape: “Didn’t Understand,” “Trudi,” “Crush (original mix),” and “Chris R.” Also includes two songs from our first live show 1/25/91: “Sleepytime” and “A Hair Thing.” The sound quality is atrocious, to a level far beyond the first demo, as these were dubs of dubs of bad recordings.


2.         “Didn't Understand”


            Three formats:




            October 1991



            About 15 made as a demo for shows.

            Features 8-track recordings of “Didn’t Understand,” “Sarah Sitting,” and “Chris R.”  Drums were tracked to VHS Hi-Fi at WMBR. All other instrumentation was recorded at home on a Tascam 388. Mixed with a very patient engineer at New Alliance studio in the Fenway.


            The full session also included “Sarah Sitting”, “Bell,” “Upstairs,” and “All I Could Do,” but we were only able to complete overdubs and a mix for “Bell” (which was not included on the release).


            Various homemade covers. Some used the same potato stamp tape label as “Rabbit” below. Some had a handwritten label.




            October 26, 1991



            About 100 made.

            Sold and given away exclusively at the Lotsa Pop Losers festival in Virginia, October 1991.

            Same recordings as on the demo above.

            All hand-stamped with potato stamps on cassette face.


            “Didn’t Understand”


            February 1992

            Slumberland Records #15


            A few test pressings on aqua vinyl with a hand-stamped, generic Slumberland sleeve.

            1st pressing on black vinyl with red sleeve and detailed insert.

            2nd pressing on red vinyl with red sleeve and catalog only insert.

            3rd pressing on purple vinyl with purple cover.

            Same recordings as above.


3.         “Error”


            Spring 1992

            Pop Narcotic Records #1


            Recorded with Tim O’Heir at Ft. Apache. Our first real studio recording experience.

            1st pressing black vinyl.

            2nd pressing purple vinyl featuring original mixes (with different vocal takes) of "Park the Car (by the side of the road)" and "Upstairs."

            Some copies that were sold at live shows came with special color cover inserts and a sticker by Ron Regé Jr.


            “Tall Ships” was also recorded during this session, but was not released. A remix with new vocals was later released on “What To Do About Them.”


4.         "Red Fish Dreams"

            Double 7" (split with Kudgel)

            Summer 1992

            Cinderblock/Nervous Records


            Features alternate early mix of the demo version of "Crush" and the original mix of "Her Life of Academic Freedom."

            Hand screened/woodblock covers by Tinuviel (Kill Rock Stars) and Linsey Herman.

            A small lot of the Tinuviel covers were screened on newsprint.

            Various freebees were included in the packaging (e.g., lottery tickets).


5.         "What To Do About Them"


            Fall 1992

            Taang! Records #63


            Compiles a remixed version (with new vocals) of “Upstairs” from the Error session, a remixed version of "Her Life of Artistic Freedom", previous singles and new material (e.g., Tall Ships, also from the Error session).


*          "One Last Kiss”



            Spin Art Records


            Compilation featuring the 8-track version of "Chris R."


*          "TDK Mailrock"


            Fall 1992

            TDK/Caroline CAT# CARTDK01


            Compilation featuring "Park the Car by the Side of the Road” from our upcoming Blondertongue release.


6.         "Blondertongue Audiobaton"


            February 1993

            Taang! Records #67


            Contains remixed version (with new vocals) of "Park the Car by the Side of the Road" from the Error session.


7.         "Brokedick Car"


            July 1993 Taang! Records


            All copies were pressed on blue vinyl.


*          "Unnecessary Niceness"


            Fall 1993 Rough Trade


            Compilation featuring "Park the Car by the Side of the Road” from Blondertongue.


*          “Venue 94”


            January 1994



            Carlsberg sponsored compilation for the Venue 94 Festival in Denmark featuring "Park the Car by the Side of the Road” from Blondertongue.


8.         "November"

            7" (split with Pitchblende)

            January 1994

            Simple Machines Records


            Released as part of the "Working Holiday" monthly 7" series.

            Features 8-track version of "Trudy" recorded in the MIT dorms and above a donut factory.


            Also included in the WH limited box set (35 copies), but excluded from the CD release.


*          "Shreds Volume 1"


            Summer 1994

            Shredder Records


            Compilation featuring "Wrong Tube (edit)" from Brokedick Car, buried amongst a lot of hardcore and emo songs.


9.         "Sneaky Flutes and Sneaky Flute Music"


            December 1995

            Taang! Records #111


            EP of songs from the upcoming "Salons" LP and sneakyflute shenanigans.

            The light-switch on the cover is supposed to resemble the number eleven.


10.       "They Spent their Wild Youthful Days in the Glittering World of the Salons"

            CD/LP (LP combines Taang! #101with Taang! #132)

            March 1996

            Taang! records #101


            This was the longest labor of love, taking over two years to record and release.


*          “Gygax!” by Pitchblende Quartet


            Fall 1995

            Matador records Ole190-2


            The end of the track “Sideling Hill” features an excerpt of the longtime Swirlies tour mantra "Every Single Day I Walk by the Chocolate Factory/Sea Wolf.”


            This track is led by the vocal stylings of longtime roadie Matt Sheppeck. The version of "Sea Wolf" on "Strictly East Coast Sneakyflute Music" does not have the Matt Sheppeck vocal. This is Sheppeck’s only appearance on a recorded Swirlies song, though he often performed with the band on stage.


11.       "Vents of the Ocean Floor"

            7" (split with Iris – Adam Pierce’s first band)

            October 1996

            Bubblecore Records BC-009


            Features 4-track version of "His Love Just Washed Away."


12.       "Indie Rock Blueprint"


            August 1996

            Go! Records


            Compilation featuring a live version of "Two Girls Kissing" from some Middle East Café show in Fall 1995 or early 1996.


*          "Sea-D volume 2"


            Fall 1996

            Feedback Distribution


            Sampler CD compilation featuring "San Cristobal de las Casas"


13.       "Flygirl Zine #7"


            March 1997



            7” Compilation accompanying Flygirl Zine #7. Features tracks by John Davis, Dennis Callari, Lou Barlow, Stuffed Bear, Ruby Falls, and Swirlies. Our track was "Indian Ocean Nosedive."


14.       "The Tarquin Records All-Star Holiday Extravaganza"


            December 1997

            Tarquin Records tq-019


            Holiday compilation featuring Damon & Ron Regé Jr. (aka Swirlies/The Puffins) playing "Christmas in Kenmore Square."


15.       "Strictly East Coast Sneaky Flute Music"

            CD/double LP

            Spring 1998

            Taang! records #132


            The double LP combines both Taang! 101 and 132 minus a couple of songs from 132.

            Gatefold cover with ostrich centerfold.


*          "Sneaky Flute Empire/Sneaky Empire of Flutes"

            Cassette (two volumes)


            Sneaky Flute Empire


            1 copy

            Made for a live radio broadcast at a long forgotten radio station in Florida.

            Features early, unfinished versions of tracks that later appeared on the SFE cassingles (thus early versions of early versions).

            This release also should have received a Swirlies number.


16.       "SFE 001"


            June 1998

            Sneaky Flute Empire #001


            25 copies.

            Made for a show at The Knitting Factory, NYC.

            Contains "One Light Flashing I Love You" and a 4-track version of "Pony."


17.       "SFE 002"


            September 1998

            Sneaky Flute Empire #002


            100 copies.

            Made for the September '98 East Coast/Midwest Swirlies tour with Reverberation (aka albatross).

            Contains " One Light Flashing I Love You,” "Indian Ocean Nosedive," and "Sneaky Flutes Get Funky."


*          “Upload: A Continuous Mix” by DJ Soul Slinger


            October 27, 1998

            Liquid Sky


            Features a different mix of “Boys’ Protect Yourself From Aliens”: "Protect Yourself From Aliens (Soul Slinger Remix)."


18.       "SFE 005"

            Cassingle (split with Seana and the Sharks)

            October 1999

            Sneaky Flute Empire #005


            35 copies.

            Made for a show at the Middle East Upstairs Boston.

            Contains "Fireball" by Seana (Carmody) and the Sharks (the Sharks being Damon and Rob).

            Contains "Jack Bucky’s Theme," "Subway (c+w)," and "You Make Me Sad Girl (version 1)" by the Swirlies.


*          "Gummy"


            October 1999

            Black Apple Records


            Compilation featuring (yet again) "Indian Ocean Nosedive."


*          "Sneaky Flute Empire presents The Yes Girls"


            April 2000

            Sneaky Flute Empire


            45 copies, mostly on cassette, but some also being on CD (with a cassette label).

            Intended as a promotional cassette in anticipation of “Damon Andy Rob Ron: the Yes Girls” CD’s pending release, but Damon ended up selling them in desperation for cash during the April 2000 Yes Girls US Tour with Timonium.


            Features "One Light Flashing I Love You," "Subway (c+w)," and "You Make Me Sad Girl."


19.       "SFE 006"


            March 2000

            Sneaky Flute Empire #006


            Features "Dolphins Dance With our Music" and "March of the Sneaky Flutes."


20.       "Damon Andy Rob Ron: The Yes Girls"


            May 2000

            Pehr label 010/Sneaky Flute Empire #007


            500 copies.

            A compilation of Sneaky Flute Empire cassingles and other tunes.


*          "CMJ sampler for 2000 "


            October 2000

            Pehr Label


            CMJ Promo CD that features (not again!) "Indian Ocean Nosedive."


*          “Random Access Music Machine: US Pop Life Volume 7 Experimental”


            February/March 2001

            Contact Records CR-015


            Japanese compilation that features “Dolphins Dance With Our Music.”


*          “Like Clockwork”


            Spring 2001

            Pehr label


            Compilation featuring “Indian Ocean Nosedive.”


21.       "Nevah Have I Evah: A Sneaky Flute Empire Family Album"


            June 2001

            Sneaky Flute Empire #008 (later copies also co-list RCA #001)


            Compilation featuring the following Yes Girls songs: “Under the Boardwalk,” “Bones” (with Mew), “Jack Bucky, an Interlude,” “Vacuum” (“Pancake” demo), and “Jack Bucky’s Theme-reprise (Jacky’s redemption).”

            Also features the following Swirlies songs: “Calling Doctor Funk,” “Little Tail,” “Rare Moment,” “Le Bag,” and “Ocean” - the last four songs being 4-track versions.


            Came packaged in a brown envelope with white hand stamped CD sleeve and booklet. Original covers have stamp plus lipstick kiss. Later covers have turkey stamp and other minor variations. Versions sold on UK tour of 2002 also credit Richmond County Archives as label and replace the booklet with a more complete insert.


*          “Maximum Wage, a Bureau of Dissonant Culture Compilation”


            August 2001

            Bureau of Dissonant Culture #2001


            Compilation featuring the 4-track version of “One Light Flashing I love You.”


*          “You’re So Mean!” or “3 Demo Recordings”


            December 2001

            Dr. Laasoko Records


            Demo sent out during our label procurement period for “Cats of the Wild.” Various titles attributed to the CD, but usually one of the two titles listed in this entry’s header. Sent and fabricated in unknown quantities by Damon. Mailed out in a plain white CD sleeve. Tracking and mixes on all songs are markedly different (and inferior) to those that appear on “Cats of the Wild.” In retrospect, this should have been designated a Swirlies number. Oh well.


            Features “Give Us Moon Rocks (original mix),” “Rare Moment (midnight mix),” and “LeBag (picked up out of the trash in desperation mix).”


*          “I Don’t Wanna Be a Clone: Best of Swirlies in the Studio 99-01”


            January 2002

            Dr. Laasoko Records


            Demo sent out during our label procurement period for “Cats of the Wild.” Sent and fabricated in unknown quantities by Rob Laakso. Art is similar to what appears on the “Cats” inner tray. Tracking and mixes on all songs are markedly different (and inferior) to those that appear on “Cats of the Wild.” In retrospect, this should have been designated a Swirlies number. Oh well.


            Features “One Light Flashing I Love You (original Supersonic mix),” “Rare Moment (midnight mix),” “Give Us Moon Rocks (original mix),” and “LeBag (picked up out of the trash in desperation mix).”


*          “Scituate Loves Dear Alan Sheppeck”(unreleased)


            September 2002 (planned, but aborted)

            Amberly Records


            Features “One Light Flashing I Love You (24-track version)” and “Sleepytime (8-track version, original mix)”.


            Both tracks were, believe it or not, stolen by the “label” owner, and as a result the single was never released. The original mix of “Sleepytime” now exists only in the strange reality (and possession) of one really demented former denizen of Reading, UK.


*          “NPU Let’s Go”


            December 2002

            Metal Queen Projects MQ#3


            Compilation featuring “Rare Moment (4-track)” by Swirlies and “Bones” by Mew and the Yes Girls.


            150 CDR copies.


22.       “Cats of the Wild: Volume Two”


            Released in two formats:


            “Cats of the Wild: Volume Two”


            April 8, 2003

            Bubblecore records bc-040


            “Cats of the Wild: Volume Two”


            May 2003

            P-Vine Record, Japan PCD-2205


            The Japanese issue includes lyrics and the following bonus tracks: “Crush (original Red Fish Dreams 7” mix)” rescued after years in basement storage in Weymouth, Mass; “Trudi” from the “Working Holidays” 7 inch; and “Dolphins Dance with our Music” from the Pehr release. It was also supposed to include “His Love Just Washed Away (4-track)” from the Bubblecore 7 inch, but due to a pressing issue, the original 7” mix of “Her Life of Artistic Freedom” was included instead.


*          “2003 Pre Listen”


            March 2003

            Bubblecore records


            Free giveaway at SXSW 2003 Austin, TX.


            Features one Swirlies track: “Give us Moon Rocks!” from “Cats of the Wild.”


*          “Little Darla has a Treat For You”


            Summer 2003

            Darla records


            Compilation featuring “One Light Flashing I Love You” off “Cats of the Wild: Volume Two.”


*          “Radio Cookie Scene 0012”


            June/July 2003

            Blues Interactions/Radio Cookie Scene records, Japan


            Free giveaway with Cookie Scene Vol. 31.

            Compilation featuring: “One Light Flashing I Love You” off “Cats of the Wild.”


23.       “Swirlies’ Magic Strop: At the Salon of WBCN”

            CD-R/Web Download

            April 9, 2005

            Sneaky Flute Empire Records #009


            The First of the Strop series. Live radio broadcast on WBCN recorded in May 1995.


24.       “Swirlies’ Magic Strop: Winsome Zamula’s Hammer of Contumely”

            CD-R/Web Download

            May 10, 2005

            Sneaky Flute Empire Records #010


            The Second of the Strop series. Live radio broadcast on KVRX recorded April 29, 2000 during the final throes of the Yes Girls’ lonesome journey through America. One of many Yes Girls line-ups, featuring Damon, Adam Garcia, and Dr. Rob Laakso in the can.


25.       “VN/A: Thirty Minutes on the World Map”


            Spring 2003

            Richmond County Archives #002.


            Compilation featuring The Yes Girls performing “10:15 on a Saturday Night” by the Cure. Also includes other Swirlies related bands: Pronking (Andy and Cynthia), Cup O’ Jehovah (Damon, Ron, and Jake), Stigmatics (Damon).


26.       “Love and Scientific Communication Volume 1”

            Web Download

            June 25, 2005

            Richmond County Archives 004


            Compilation featuring The Yes Girls, here being just Andy performing an alternate version of “His Life of Academic Freedom,” plus songs and speaking by Andy (Pronking), Rob, Damon, and Deb among others.


27.       “Buck Wild!: the Saga of Jack Bucky”

            Web Download

            March 2005 (updated March 2017)

            Richmond County Archives 007


            Andy's complete song cycle on that ornery deer, Jack Bucky.


28.       “VN/A: (Do the Ostrich * 11) + others”

            Web Download

            June 10, 2005

            Richmond County Archives 003/Sneaky Flute Empire 012


            Features Swirlies playing “Do the Ostrich” (by Lou Reed) live at a practice space in Allston, MA.


29.       “Swirlies’ Magic Strop: Gavin’s March to the Sea”

            Web Download

            April 2009

            Sneaky Flute Empire 013


            The Third of the Strop series. Swirlies live at Brownies, NYC May 2, 1996 (sans Gavin).


30.       “Swirlies’ Magic Strop: Orca Vs. Dragon”


            July 1, 2015

            Richmond County Archives 020/Sneaky Flute Empire 015


            The Fourth of the Strop series. Swirlies radio session recorded in London, England (1994). Features live versions of Jeremy Parker, Crush, and Her Life Of Artistic Freedom. Originally released in digital format on Swirlies number 31a (see below) in July 2013. Released as a vinyl 7" (500 copies) by Richmond County Archives and SFE on July 1, 2015.


31a.      “Valkommen Til Ponnyklubben”

            Flash drive

            July 2013

            Sneaky Flute Empire 011


            A compendium of all Swirlies and Swirlies-related releases on a flash drive printed with the SFE logo. 100 flash drives were manufactured for Swirlies tours in 2013 (50) and 2015 (50). The liner notes on the drive reference Sneaky Flute Empire 014 (Buffay's "damon thinks i'm dirty" CD) and drive includes Sneaky Flute Empire 015 (see Swirlies number 30 above), and 016 (Puffins' "100 percent professional 1977" web download). Presently, 015 and 016 are not offered as free downloads.


31b.      “Fantastic Trumpets Forever”

            Flexi disc

            July 2016

            Joyful Noise Recordings


            The song “Fantastic Trumpets Forever”, featuring new Swedish members Viktor Hober and Anna Bergvall, released as part of Joyful Noise's 2016 subscription-only flexi disc series. Mistakenly given Swirlies number 31 on account of memory loss.




32.      “Swirlies' Magic Strop: Tonight...”


            September 23, 2018

            Richmond County Archives / Sneaky Flute Empire


            Five live tracks recorded for Michael Stock's Part Time Punks Radio Sessions on August 2 2017 at Bedrock Los Angeles, and the studio version of “Fantastic Trumpets Forever”, featuring new Swedish members Viktor Hober and Anna Bergvall. 500 records pressed (300 black vinyl, 200 red vinyl). Richmond County Archives 022 and Sneaky Flute Empire 017.




*      “A B "SOUTH SHORE"”


            November 11, 2020

            Richmond County Archives


            Nine new studio recordings by A B. Songs of Quincy, Massachusetts and the area locally known as the South Shore. A vinyl only release, 300 records pressed. Richmond County Archives 023. Didn't receive a Swirlies number because it's something different.



This list was (too) carefully compiled by Damon and Andy over the years.           


There are no other versions of releases to the best of my knowledge though I could be wrong! If anyone owns a copy of the Linsey Herman "Red Fish Dreams" cover (it DOES NOT have four fish swimming in a circle on it – that’s the normal cover), please contact us, as we have no idea what it looks like.


Taang! reissued a number of the early CDs with scanned artwork at some point in the 2000s. These reissues can be identified by the Universal distribution logo and by their blurry, shrunken artwork. Handwritten spines were also replaced with the ugly stock Taang! font.