blonder tongue audio baton : lyrics : swirlies

once again the rubber prize
her breathing hand never makes that sound
for all i know it's in the stairs and it's all around
a grinding insect sound
her bell voice did let ring
i look up and lose sense of things
i took a look way outside
an hour less though and then it's mine
a borrowed dime she scrimped and saved
my doubt grew strong but she bought some time
i came down in Tennessee
i took a look she's undone me
made it stain high and alive
i can't wait though it's fine
it's fine now
he's done
he's almost there
he's not allowed
but he can't stop now

vigilant always
pneuma has left me now
and oh i forget it
there's something to say
for someone who won't talk to me
i'm not going
why not
i know she's there beneath my window
there's a noise in her heart and it's fucking her up be to me the one and only
i should know cause she told me so
i know cause i'm right
come to my window and throw stones of jell-o
there's a little black spot and she knows it's her conscience
i hope she learns how to cope with the pain in her heart
cause it's tearing her apart
be one while i sleep
wide awake
her eyes take me

his love just washed away
she grew up in warm warm water
helps her face look flush and full
running laps all around
the daughter's head keeps spinning like a spiral shell
and there she goes goes goes
there she goes into the water
swimming with the seals and weeds
from the trees drops the man who bought her love
with clothes and promises of make believe believe believe
he found her body on the seashore
as he walked his early morning stroll
clothes were gone
body breathed no more
dried by the sun
he took her in his arms arms arms
washed away

his life of academic freedom
restless and numb
oh it's just the way you are
she shines like gold
her mind is far from being dumb
so what starts is a blush of mind
head gives to heart
estate of thoughts consigned

i'm not a codger
for sometime i go to classes
and i don't wear my glasses
it's getting blurry in my eyes
the summer sunshine slowly stole my eyesight
i get headaches from time to time
it's kind of foggy and i can't hardly see right

jeremy parker
christmas stevedore
a basement hall
a broken jaw
the empire clock hangs up over there
wettish window sill
drying shell
on sleeping pills
he's downstairs
she dreamed of artistic freedom

park the car by the side of the road
hey she wants to know your name
trouble will start
and he'll go real far
she turned away from me again
she's got a gun in her drawer that's meant for me
strap on your boots baby and we'll take the jaguar
she turned and fired it at me again
hey it would be so good to die here with you
kiss me goodbye before it's too late

tree chopped down
i waited a while
i combed my hair
he looked so clean and handsome
i wasn't prepared to be taken by you
i wish i got away from you cause you kept turning into
something i kept falling through
i hope that you can accept
why'd you wait so long
you're kickin and scratching
you're gonna hurt me
i came in the back room
i went up the stairs
straight and clean on the bathroom mirror
all around there
i wish there was a way for you to keep coming back to me
'cause i gotta get the fuck away from you
'cause you're unhealthy

wrong tube
here we are
without our clothes
icky thick and dark
silver spoon moon pretty soon
there's a big mess around the room
through the drawers and the floorboards
come unglued
every night seems to be ten times longer
after all and even though i'm not so sure
it's the wrong tube now
here we are without our clothes
icky thick dark and silver spoon moon
scream a little every night
every night scream a little

wait forever
why can't you say it
i think you're afraid
that's okay
i feel it too
right now it seems like forever
but you know i can't wait that long
i want you right here
but that's okay
i think i could wait forever
i want you here now