brokedick car : lyrics : swirlies

wrong tube [edit]
here we are
without our clothes
icky thick and dark
silver spoon moon pretty soon
there's a big mess around the room
through the drawers and the floorboards
come unglued
every night seems to be ten times longer
after all and even though i'm not so sure
it's the wrong tube now
here we are without our clothes
icky thick dark and silver spoon moon
scream a little every night
every night scream a little

labrea tarpit

pancake cleaner
i'm not a codger
for sometime i go to classes
and i don't wear my glasses
it's getting blurry in my eyes
the summer sunshine slowly stole my eyesight
i get headaches from time to time
it's kind of foggy and i can't hardly see right

you're just jealous
sample sam went to the grape store
bought a cabbage and some throw rugs
sample sam walked on out the door
socked in the puss and mugged by bugs
ruthie gordon was a movie star
she loved a boy much younger than i am
driving by her corpse in my car
she could have been the king of siam
henry clump was a pious little boy
not a cad or a never-do-well
his mother purchased him a zither for a toy
consequently his life went to hell

house of pancake
[see 'pancake cleaner' above]