they spent their wild youthful days in the glittering world of the salons : lyrics : swirlies

in harmony new found freedom
does correlation imply a true cause
self absorption
and self importance
or am i destroying myself
by asserting the self
safer is ignorance
used i'm sure
you'd find a way around
if only heart knew this weight on her breast
try to change
but i don't and only heart knows this waste of her breath
drifting and dealing
with diamond cut eyes

sounds of sebring
now you know how i feel
a latent calm that's half confused
sometimes i'm strong i feel
that i don't care that i've done wrong
finding out what is real for you
kinda drawn and half amused
feelings change and sometimes i can't deal
with all these things
i'm messed
unreasonable tongue is soporific
thinking softer softer still
i really ought to know
you should
now you know how i feel
kinda drawn but half uncertain
thinking what if maybe
there is something greater still

san cristobal de las casas
if what is known is an exuberant excressence
then such as shown can only be a just defense
san cristobal de las casas
after six weeks of clashes
army bombed villages
in the southern mountains zapata zapata
wait i was wrong
i was shielded by my strength of heart
down i was doomed
i was so desiccated
each day divides me

you can't be told it you must behold it
restless and numb
you can't be told it
you must behold it
to not forget it
you can't control it
disobeyance returns
learning you'll never learn
i keep telling myself
do not be mortified
by the unsolidified
just grin and bear it
learned and unlearned
acts of controlling
methods of compensation
methods of control

something surrounds me
the space at the ocean shore
the white crash of the waves
accepting our weakness
there's nothing that says be strong
of strength i'm ashamed
it's all i know
it pulls my way
it seems
accepting our weakness
there's nothing that says be strong
of strength i'm afraid

two girls kissing
days like this
may or might not count for much
but as such
i lost my way then found it
where i least expected
coulda melted
in a car in cambridge
two girls kissing
confiding in love
when i least expected
i can't go it's real hard
sometimes i feel confused
and all my expectations down
and all my fears they start to slip away
days like this
may or might not count for much
but as such
lost my way then found it
when i least expected

sterling moss
wait i should've know by now
i should've gone to sleep but had to move
cool breeze from such a great ocean
comfort in confronting something so huge
if one works hard you're doomed to be gone
it's alright autumn brings me down it makes me crumble in my heart
but if i pull through then i'll still have to face myself
gone's unseparation this pointed worthless wisdom
confuses you one worthless heart is screwed
till it falls apart on you
it's gone
i'm saving as payment
this worthless fucking doubt

i see the sun
wrapped around the strands of red hair
i burn inside from my fear of telling you that i care
i wake up from the phone it's you calling me to tell me of your dream
i believe your ways are true unlike most others do

the vehicle is invisible
rabbitt we were younger
we were older
we were foolishly cool but discomposed
unsung is the way
slowly to disclaim
i'll stand ready just don't be confused
mountain brings forth a mouse
much cry and little wool
we're not just usual
it comes in the way
i stand
a stabbing wound
it stung
all i do is try to move on and on
it's tearing the heart out of you
rabbitt i've become wrong
see i dwell on, deluded
thinking that i'm strong